Back to School: Bento Boxes

Lunch boxes are making a comeback with the fun innovative twist found in bento boxes. Bento boxes have become increasingly popular because of the level of creativity they spark in parents and kids alike.  Bento boxes can be assembled according to themes ranging from pirates to sea creatures.  This fun twist on the traditional school lunch brings an element of enjoyment and surprise each time your child takes a bento lunch box to school.  It also provides a topic of conversation and interaction between or child and their peers.

Bento boxes encourage healthier eating, creativity, and good portion control.  The various sections in the bento box support your efforts in providing a greater variety of food for your child ensuring higher nutritive value all around.

A fantastic website for bento lunch ideas for elementary age kids is Parent Map. In this article, they have included twenty ideas for creative Bento Lunches from various blogs ranging from A Very Hungry Caterpiller, Hungry Monsters to Maritime Adventures.  This website takes playing with your food to a whole new level!  There are many websites offering bento boxes, but this website will get you off to a great start.

If you don’t want to experience this level of creativity every day, you could even designate each Friday as Bento Box Lunch Day.  Bento box lunches are not just for elementary age kids, my senior in high school just asked me to pick up one for her as well.

Bento boxes can easily be purchased at Target, Amazon, and




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